Wells Nick Clegg in conversation with Jonathan Rugman, 13 octobre 2017 19:30-13 octobre 2017 20:30, Bishop’s Palace, Wells Wells Festival of Literature .

Politics: Between the Extremes

This human and humane analysis of the Coalition Government is upbeat about the future of liberal politics and is a passionate plea for the centre ground.

Clegg remakes the case for multi-party governments and pragmatic compromise in an age where populists preach ideological purities. He shows how “the politics of reason” can compete more effectively with the politics of raging grievance surging across the democratic world, and suggests that liberals need to address the corrosive caricature of them as unpatriotic, cosmopolitan elitists. He speculates that the fragmentation of traditional political tribes and allegiances will lead to further multi-party governments.

For anyone fearful of the rise of populist extremism and the future of British politics this is an unmissable event.

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