IFAC 2017 – INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ART AND CONSTRUCTION, 17 août 2017 11:00-17 août 2017 19:00, Serra Do Socorro Ifac Portugal .

International Festival of Art & Construction | 10 magical days a year, since 2012 | Exploring a cultural, contemporary and self-suficient life in rural areas |

TOPIC 2017 : Live With Earth

Our planet Earth is our home. It is our nature, and we are a part of this complex and delicate ecosystem. We represent a piece of the global movement for change and awareness, celebrating the Earth, in all its forms, layers and dimensions of it’s true Nature. With the power of knowledge and creativity we aim to build and not to destroy, serving as an example to the world of a model of conscious living and sustainability. From the element earth (micro) as clay to build and soil to produce to the planet Earth (macro) caring and restoring our connection with our essence and roots.

As builders and inhabitants of a new paradigm, Artists, Architects and Designers we strive towards restoring, reproducing and recreating in harmony with nature to assure the balance, diversity and abundance of thriving ecosystems, wich works based on the five elements (water, earth, fire, air, ether), and we want to build inspired by the natural elements, materials, colours and forms.

The light of a new Era for Sustainable Development is arising.

We consider that the human race has now the perfect conditions to act, transform and to co-create as one whole living organism, tuned with the harmony and balance of planet Earth which will echo between micro and macro, and in each one of us.

Let’s Live With Earth in this special moment of multicultural gathering for a lifetime experience.


Ifac brings together the different agents and spheres of art and architecture (students, collectives, professionals, the local population) to question and research the contemporary role of the rural world, far from the traditional paternalistic view, counting with the role of art and architecture as positive agents of transformation, through workshops, exhibitions and talks.


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