Global Hybrid invite Pangea Kollectiv (DE) 24 juin 2016 21:00-25 juin 2016 03:00, Rennes .

Global Hybrid remet les pieds à Rennes le temps d’une soirée ! Oui oui oui, les petits farceurs, fondateurs des Balkan Hybrid Parties, des Hybrid Circus et bien d’autres fêtes dédiés aux musiques du monde invite leurs homologues allemands !

The sound of pangea is pretty much like an icecold strawberry daiquiri on a carribbean beach: fresh, mind-expanding and very much tropical!

~~ ~~

Since 2011 the Pangea-Crew has been mixing global sounds with electronic beats, without caring too much about conventions of genres whatsoever. They serve an exquisite musical menu with ingredients from all over the globe. This means there is creamy cumbia combined with groovy afro-sounds, there is spicy balkan beats and delicate swing, everything put together on the digital turntables to blow away your mind. The whole thing is wrapped up with house and garnished with lots of bass. Pretty picante, hum!?

Since 2012, Pangea Kollektiv organizes on a regular basis the Allerweltsparty, in cooperation with the human rights project of Allerweltshaus Köln e.V.