Fringe20 Encore: On the Fringe, 8 décembre 2016 01:30-8 décembre 2016 04:00, .

On the Fringe – Wed, Dec 7, 7:30-10:00pm
Produced By Nancy Kenny And Natalie Watson
Directed By Cory Thibert
Edited By Natalie Watson

In the summer of 2014, an intrepid team of documentarians set off to chronicle the adventures of eight Fringe artists – including fan favourites Martin Dockery and Jem Rolls – touring the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit. After 10 cities, over 18,000 kilometres, countless hours of interviews and more coffee than your doctor would advise, they collected a treasure trove of the stories and the scenes behind the scenes. On the Fringe is a feature-length documentary that takes you on a fun and poignant road trip through this undeniable force in the world theatre scene.