FitYoga Weekend Course in Rennes, 24 juin 2016 18:30-26 juin 2016 18:30, .

Come and join Balazs Heller, former European Bikram Yoga & Hungarian Gymnastics Champion, life coach for a long weekend filled with amazing workshops on Yoga / Plant-based Nutrition / Self-Development between 24-26 June 2016. For full program see below or send and email to info(at) and Balazs sends you the brochure with the program.

Date: 24-26 June, Friday evening to Sunday evening
Venue: Rennes, France


Balazs’ intensive weekend workshops are dedicated to anyone interested in Yoga, Nutrition, Self-development, Philosophy and Well-being. No previous yoga experience or specific background is required, just an open-heart and the willingness to go deep into understanding who you really are! PLEASE NOTE, by clicking ‘GOING’ does not mean your are booked unless you register by email and pay you in advance.

This weekend workshop will give you a great understanding about FitYoga, Yoga Philosophy, Alkalizing Plant-Based Nutrition, Yoga Adjustment & Alignment, The Art of Self-Realization and the Art of Self-Actualization. Book today as we have limited numbers available! Learn more about FitYoga here:



18:30 – 20:00 A1/ FITYOGA MASTER CLASS

90 minute powerful yoga fusion so you can experience the dynamic flow between traditional Hatha Yoga, modern Vinyasa Flow and core strengthening Pilates with gymnastics elements. FitYoga is ideal for anyone from yoga practitioners, athletes to people with stiffness, tension, stress, back pain, low/high blood pressure, constant headaches, neck aches, scoliosis and overweight/underweight. No previous yoga experience required although a good basic level of fitness level is an advantage. After the class you have the chance to share your experience and ask questions directly to Balazs. On Friday evening you are served with Fruit Salad after the session. No need to bring your own yoga mat but bring a bottle of water and a towel.


Balazs explains the concept and the pillars of FitYoga and the philosophy behind it. He explains the concept of Mind-Body-Spirit balance and how to live a modern yogi life with the right intention and mindset. Balazs also talks about his 18 days intensive Yoga Alliance certified FitYoga Teacher Training program (which will be held in November 2015 at Ong Namo, Tampere) for those who would like to become certified FitYoga instructors. 15 minutes will be devoted for Questions & Answers in the end so you can ask anything related to Yoga & Wellbeing. PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended that participants on this workshop will also attend on the FitYoga session beforehand so that you have the physical-spiritual and mental experience about FitYoga first.


09:30 – 11:00 B1/ FITYOGA MASTER CLASS

A 90-minute powerful yoga fusion asana practice with Balazs. No need to bring your own yoga mat but bring a bottle of water and a towel.

11:15 – 16:30 B2/ THE POWER WITHIN

The Power Within is a 4-hours life-changing workshop split in two parts to give you a lunch break between the two chapters. The first part is about the Art of Self-Realization understanding who we are, how to find our true purpose in life, how our ego works, what are the most important spiritual laws which guide us to build momentum and to get out of our comfort zone to make the necessary changes, how to release stress/anxiety, communicate transparently in your relationships, what are the 5 human needs.
The second part is about the Art of Self-Actualization which will give you the practical toolkit to manifest your desires/goals in your life. You will learn how to turn fear into power, how to live in a spiritual-based partnership, how to choose the right career and live with passion every day. The main intention of this workshop is to teach you how you can take action and manifest your desires, how to gain self-confidence, stability and constant growth in your everyday life. True happiness cannot be reached unless you achieve deep self-awareness and spiritual consciousness to understand where you are standing right now and what you truly want in your life to manifest.


Any physical exercise without the right technique and execution causes constant stress on our physical body and eventually leads to injuries, especially when it comes to back-pains, neck-pains, shoulder, wrist, elbow, hips and knee injuries. Unfortunately, many people get injured throughout their yoga practice because there is no body-awareness, correct posture (asana) alignments, and students practice the wrong alignments over and over again until the body says ‘I had enough’.
Balazs as a gymnast, massage therapist and Reiki master has a very precise understanding of the physical body what he combines with the energetic system. His asana teaching method is based on precision, core integration, energy flow, constant balance of Mind-Body-Spirit. To make his teachings practical he demonstrates his alignment principles on different asanas chosen from back-bends, forward-bends, arm-balancing poses, inversions and warriors, including some spinal and core strengthening elements to tackle back-pains. This workshop gives you the basic principles of body awareness, asana alignments and core integration so that you can practice with confidence and grow strength and flexibility without any injuries. If you want to improve your posture, strengthen your spine, enhance your yoga practice or any fitness exercise you practice, this workshop will definitely add to your body awareness!


09:30 – 11:00 C1/ FITYOGA MASTER CLASS

A 90-minute powerful yoga fusion asana practice with Balazs. No need to bring your own yoga mat but bring a bottle of water and a towel.


Balazs’ Powerful Nutrition workshop – including healthy vegan lunch – will deepen your knowledge on the key elements of healthy nutrition so that you have no more confusion about this subject. Here are some of the topics Balazs will cover in his fascinating talk: The spiritual aspects of food, The psychology & physiology of human digestion, How to deal with addictions: cravings to sugar, emotional eating, The pH balance of the body: alkaline vs acidic foods, Healing with raw foods, How to say no to common diseases naturally: overweight, diabetes, osteoporosis, allergies, low/high blood pressure, kidney stones, stress etc.; Low energy vs high energy, Key principles of whole-food plant-based nutrition, The power of juicing/blending. Superfoods you should eat every day, Natural weight-loss/gain & stop die-ting, Cleansing-detoxing-fasting naturally, Colon cleansing, Raw food vs cooked food: the enzymes, Conscious shopping: what to check?, Lies/myths on healthy & sport nutrition: where do get your protein, dairy products as a source of calcium, meat & fish, vitamins & supplementation; How to feed our children, How our body communicates with us.


In the West yoga is known only as a physical practice, but in reality it is a vast collection of spiritual principles and practices aimed at integrating mind, body and spirit to achieve a state of enlightenment or oneness with the universe. The aim of this workshop is to introduce you the traditional yoga philosophy, to have a better understanding on how to implement the ancient spiritual teachings into our modern everyday life. We will examine the four goals (purushartas) of human life; the five mental patterns (kleshas) or defects, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (5 yamas & niyamas) defined literally as “the path to transcendence”.


A1. FitYoga Master Class————————————€25
A2. FitYoga Philosophy and Science———————€10

B1. FitYoga Master Class————————————€25
B2. Awaken the Power Within (including lunch)——-€65
B3. Yoga Alignment & Pocture Clinic———————€35

C1. FitYoga Master Class————————————€25
C2. Plant-based Nutrition (including lunch)————-€65
C3. Yoga philosophy & Yogi lifestyle———————-€35

Special Offer & Packages:
S1. 3 Days Workshop Pass———————————€195
S2. Saturday Full Day Pass———————————€105
S3. Sunday Full Day Pass ———————————-€105


As the weekend workshop has limited numbers, we accept only prepaid bookings!