Wells Adam Rutherford, 14 octobre 2017 13:00-14 octobre 2017 14:00, Bishop’s Palace, Wells Wells Festival of Literature .

A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Stories in our Genes

What do you know, or think you know, about genes? Do they define you, and give licence to particular behaviours, abilities or proclivities? Is there royal blood in your genes? Or just exceptionally sticky earwax? Well, as Dr Adam Rutherford, scientist and broadcaster, will explain to a patrician Wells audience, we all have royal blood!

Brian Cox says that, whether you’re an expert or a novice, this account of our genes will leave you ‘spellbound’. Dr Rutherford separates the facts from the fallacies surrounding the field of genetics, and suggests that our genomes should be read not as instruction manuals, but as epic poems.

‘Magisterial, informative and delightful’ Peter Frankopan

‘he consistently gets it right’ Richard Dawkins

‘Adam Rutherford puts the genes in genealogy brilliantly’ Matt Ridley

This event is kindly sponsored by Nisbets