Triac / Backslider / Hamedite


Triac / Backslider / Hamedite, 15 octobre 2016 20:00, La Zone

La Zone presents

▲ TRIAC (Usa)

“Baltimore’s Triac juxtapose classic Amrep muscle with modern powerviolence, resulting in a crushing fusion of raw grind and noise-rock forcefulness punctuated by massive drumming & filthy bass”.


▲ Backslider (Usa)

After congealing from the filth and negativity of the streets of Philadelphia in 2008, Backslider has managed to writhe, mutate, and evolve into a different kind of beast with each release. Over numerous demos, split 7″s, EPs, and hundreds of shows, the band has gorged themselves on everything from obscure 70s hard rock to drug-crazed extreme hardcore to (Amphetimine) Reptilian recklessness. The resulting vomit of all of those influences form their first proper full-length “Motherf**ker”, a Pain Rock masterpiece for fans of lust, nausea, and conscious barbarity.


▲ Hamedite (Bel)

New band from Liège influenced by bands from hardcore punk, grindcore to rock’n’roll…
They play a simple fast music with a hint of rock’n’roll !
For fans of Spazz, Total Fucking Destruction, Motörhead.
20h00 – 6€
Poster coming soon
Info :

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