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Theatre Republic, 6 septembre 2016 09:00, Theatre Republic – Brisbane Festival

Presented by Brisbane Festival and QUT
Here’s the place to realise your dreams of Youtopia. It’s a space to be inspired, to contemplate, to change. A space made for sharing, whether it’s performance, food, drinks, conversations, books, seeds, opinions or values. Come and experience this place for yourself. Come and weave your thread into the cultural fabric.

Bring the afterglow of a transformative theatre experience with you into the outside world. Spill out of theatres into the concepts and conversations of the Theatre Republic Bar – the forum for food, wine, and sharing ideas for change. Mingle with fellow festival goers and artists alike. Come early for a drink and stay out late to savour the tastes created by Zen Catering.

Each night in the Theatre Republic Bar you can connect with your favourite festival artists, enjoying brief but intimate conversations about the inspirations that drive them. Discover the secrets of their practice in our series of artist chats.

In the Republic, all forms of expression are welcome. We stand for the freedom to engage in the mutually beneficial exchange of ideas. We sit for the exchange of mutually beneficial conversations. We share things that grow and help you know. We write and post and vote for what we believe in. Viva la Republica!


Souvenir | Dead Centre (Ireland)
Drive right into a reverie of magic, memory and live music expounding Proust’s theory “It’s better to dream your life than to live it.”

GROUND CONTROL | Rachel Perks and Bridget Balodis (AUS)
Part science experiment, part love story, and a lot of queer feminist sci-fi, GROUND CONTROL fast forwards our world 100 years and spits it back with a grimace.

Architects Reborn: Arena Spectacular | The Architects of Sound (AUS)
Brisbane’s most influential avant-garde, electronic music trio are about to kick-off their biggest and most explosive sonic experience yet – live and in three whole dimensions!

Game Show-Off | Festival of Fortune (AUS)
An interactive cabaret-style game show complete with glitzy hosts and competitions galore. Don’t miss the opportunity to join in the chaotic fun and show off!

Galaxy Stomp | Deep Soulful Sweats (AUS)
Exorcise through exercise. Lose yourself in a dark yogic discotheque. Get centred. Get connected. Vanquish inhibitions. No dance/yoga experience necessary.

HART | She Said Theatre (AUS)
Listen to the personal stories of four Indigenous Australian men echoing the heartbreak and resilience of the Stolen Generations.

Echoes | Redbeard Theatre (UK) by Henry Naylor
Echoes is a provocative and brutal tale of colonialism, and the rhyme of history: comparing today’s Jihadi brides with the early Victorian pioneers.

Recalling Mother | Checkpoint Theatre (Singapore)
Poignant and funny, Recalling Mother celebrates the joys and challenges of motherhood and daughterhood.

Wilting in Reverse | Stuart Bowden (AUS)
Get philosophical about the metaphysical in the hands of a master storyteller. Experience the joy and heartache of our short existence and hold onto the hope that our stories will live on.

We May Have To Choose | Emma Hall and Prue Clark (AUS)
621 opinions delivered in 45 minutes on the eve of the apocalypse. This riveting solo is a funny, withering and moving piece about the fallibility of thought in our quest to solve the riddles of our world.

Missing One Another | Clark Beaumont (AUS)
Clark Beaumont take aim at the greatest obstacle in our quest for authentic connection and mutual understanding – the assumption that we are all on the same page and experiencing the same thing.

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