THE IMAGINARIUM at IMAGINE FESTIVAL | AUG 26-28 | Atlanta, GA, 26 août 2016 09:00, TBA

Long ago during the apex of Atlantis existed the city of Imaginarium, a technologically and spiritually advanced civilization. In this city lived mystics, scientist, artist, sages, healers, seekers and wisdom keepers with sacred and hidden knowledge of the universe. One day during a global cataclysmic flood Atlantis and the city of Imaginarium was lost to the sea. Thousands of years later, as consciousness and the earth entered the Golden Age, the lost city of Imagineerium was rediscovered by the Explorers of Imagine. On August 29th, 2015 Imagine Music Festival unveils the lost city of Imaginarium where you will experience all the wonders of this ancient city for the first time in over 100,000 years.

*Center of Consciousness*
Within the lost city of Imaginarium you will have the opportunity to experience many aspects of this lost civilization, such as wisdom transmissions, ancient mystery sharing, ceremony, and practical applications of earth based concepts. We will be providing varied forms of sacred teachings such as Flow Arts, Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, and prophecies with wisdom keepers and mystics. The Center of Consciousness will function both as a site for learning and sacred ceremonies such as drum circle and central fire.


Temple Knowledge
Sacred Geometry
Fibonacci Sequence
Mastery Of Life
Wisdom Keepers

Astral Arts Camp
Live Painting
Art Installations
Art Gallery
Henna Tattoos

Warriors Arena
Flow Arts
Qi Gong
Acro Yoga

Special thanks to Cirque USA and Zen Awakening Festival for Producing the Lost City of Imaginarium

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