Lil Dicky / Ancienne Belgique


Lil Dicky / Ancienne Belgique, 4 novembre 2016 20:00, Ancienne Belgique – AB

◊ Lil Dicky
◊ Plenty of sarcasm & humour from the rapper with a short fuse


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Slightly crazy Jew David Andrew Burd, or Lil Dicky, swapped a high-paying job as account manager at a renowned advertising office for a career as rapper.

Even though he started rapping to spotlight his skills as comedian and actor, his sarcastic style, hilarious lyrics (in which he wipes the floor with every genre of cliché there is) and his supersonic flow sent him straight to the top of the schlemiel-hop.

That’s how Dicky was able to collect more than enough dollars via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to finance his debut album ‘Professional Rapper’ (07/15), he even managed to get hold of Snoop Dogg for it. Nerd-hop à la Watsky, in which L’il Dicky flouts his ‘middle-class’ Jewish background and fillets his own flaws, fears and faults in a willful way.



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