Isy Suttie : The Actual One


Isy Suttie : The Actual One, 15 octobre 2016 19:00, Bishop’s Palace & Gardens

Peep Shows Isy Suttie’s take on life

If you’re not young now, you once were… We’ve all been there, and while we may not have made a giant papier-maché penguin for a boyfriend or skinny-dipped in the sea, we can all recognise that barely perceptible transition from frivolity to fiscal planning, from martinis to mortgages. Isy Sutties brilliantly funny memoir is an ode to the confusing wilderness of youth, including the deal she made to delay growing up, followed by the mad scramble to find a boyfriend in a month. An award-winning comedian, writer and actress, Isy’s performance will illuminate her quest for a genuine relationship with a man who doesn’t use moisturiser, aka The Actual One.

One of the most versatile comics in the UK– The Scotsman

Gloriously upbeat– Evening Standard

This event is kindly sponsored by Jo and Chris Mycock

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