Interiors, 6 août 2016 13:30, Lyceum Theatre

It is winter. In a northern country, a man holds his annual dinner to mark the approaching spring.

Behind a window, in a cosy room, family and friends gather for the meal. The lamps are on, everyone is happy. Talk begins and stories unfold around the table. But sadness soon threads its way through the evening as a mysterious stranger appears outside the window. Secrets emerge and lies are exposed.

Poignant and funny, Interiors is a nearly wordless piece of visual theatre that places the audience as voyeurs, watching a dinner unfold without hearing any of the characters’ voices. Guided by a ghostly narrator, we glimpse truths about our own lives that we’d perhaps rather ignore.

Renowned Glasgow-based theatre company Vanishing Point has built an international reputation for bold, ambitious shows that are both visceral and visual. Interiors is presented here as a double-bill with The Destroyed Room. Connected by themes of watching and voyeurism, the two shows offer a compelling contrast to each other, but each can also be seen on its own.

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