Fullscreen – BAU (26 min)


Fullscreen – BAU (26 min), 11 octobre 2016 19:00, Nir Altman Galerie

We are pleased to present BAU by Melina Hennicker, Michael Schmidt & Andreas Woller during our second FULLSCREEN evening!

Please Note: The video starts at 19:15 followed by an artist talk!
For more information: http://niraltman.com/fscreen/future/

The video BAU is a collaborative project and part of the comprising environment BAU, that emerged in winter 2016.
For the project the artists spent several months in an unheated industrial ruin. The primary task was to construct a warming room. Over the time the Bau got modified and extended. Bit by bit several extensions were added to the central chamber, catering to different needs like sleeping, storing and working. In process the particular state of the Bau created an atmosphere, that suggested specific actions, filmed by the artists. The filmed actions then again had an influence on the further development of the Bau and so on. Due to this method, performance, theatrical production, sculpture, video and actual practical needs merged into a narrative totality.
The alternative daily life the artists developed, found its expression in the structure of their habitation (the Bau), furthermore the Bau itself had an influence on their daily life.
The video “BAU” shows people working until a construction defect leads to panic-stricken confusion. After the problem is solved or possibly due to exhaustion, the tension comes loose. The people continue their lives and enjoy each others company and their Bau until routine leads to social panic. Acts of violence happen as the situation escalates. After reaching its peak, the scene calms down and the further extension of the Bau is discussed.

About the artists:
Michael Schmidt is a german artist currently studying sculpture and installation with Gregor Schneider at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. In addition to solo-projects he has been cooperating with Melina Hennicker since 2014. In 2015 they were awarded the first Price by the Academy Association for their work “Die kleine Freiheit”.
Apart from fine arts, Michael Schmidt has also worked on theatre productions like “Ulrike Maria Stuart” in Münchner Kammerspiele in 2015 and is currently working on the experimental project “walk of shame” (HochX – München), which was awarded the “Debütförderung der Stadt München 2016”.

Melina Hennicker is a german artist. She completed her art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich in 2015. Apart from exhibitions in Munich her works have been shown in Nuremberg, Burg Hohensalzberg, Salzburg and on the DDW in Eindhoven, NL. Amongst others she got a fellowship of the Ministry of Bavaria. In addition to solo-projects she has been cooperating with Michael Schmidt since 2014. In 2015 they were awarded the first Price by the Academy Association for their work “Die kleine Freiheit”. In her work Melina Hennicker is focusing on the interaction of humans and their non-human/material environment.

Andreas Woller is a German artist. After graduating in philosophy he completed his art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. His first solo exhibition took place at the Klaus Lea gallery in 2014. Recently he focused on the development of a narrative web-based work type, which will be published in autumn 2016, as well as on extensive collaborations with Melina Hennicker and Michael Schmidt, presented in institutional shows, at the Kunstpavillon Munich in 2015 and the AkademieGalerie Munich in 2016.

Fullscreen is a dynamic curated video art program which supports Munich based digital and media artists.
Each month Nir Altman Galerie features one significant video during a special event in the gallery space. In addition the video is screened on the gallery’s website during the entire month.

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