FOOD ≠ ART ≠ DESIGN. La vérité est dans l’assiette


FOOD ≠ ART ≠ DESIGN. La vérité est dans l’assiette, 29 avril 2016 19:00, Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean

!!! Booking required until 22.04.2016 within the limit of the number of places available !!!
t +352 45 37 85 531

Mudam’s Friday Night becomes part of “Design City 2016 – LXBG Biennale – design is (not) art” and celebrates Yuri Suzuki and Claudia Passeri aka De Sora Clà. Bon appétit!

The popular monthly rendez-vous that combines aesthetic and gastronomic delights at Mudam is the perfect opportunity to inaugurate a “Design City 2016 – LXBG Biennale” project: “Acoustic Pavilion – Experience beauty through sound” by Yuri Suzuki. Designed for the International Design Biennale in Saint-Etienne, the interactive sound installation allows the visitor to explore the relationship between space, shape and sound. The “Acoustic Pavilion” is an interactive exhibition, in which visitors create their own listening device by manufacturing structures. Using a network of pipes, everyone has the ability to create long, short, straight or angular structures, and hear how the sounds evolve thanks to hollow cone nozzles.

In opposition to the popular concept of “food design” and in relation to the theme of the Design City Biennale: “design is (not) art”, artist Claudia Passeri puts art (and a lot of heart) in her dishes to offer you a tasty walking dinner.

Encounter with Anna Loporcaro, Nadine Erpelding (Mudam) and the designer Yuri Suzuki (Jardin des sculptures)

Walking dinner: apéritif + entrée + plat + dessert + accord met – vin

Mudami : 33€
Children (< 12 ans) : 16€ Exhibition galleries are open until 8 pm.

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