Call for Applications Master class ‘The Drive of Walking’


Call for Applications Master class ‘The Drive of Walking’, 9 septembre 2016 09:00, Jan van Eyck Academie


9 September to 16 September 2016
Deadline: 1 July

Following the success of The Drive of Drawing master class, the Hubert van Eyck Academie is now organizing The Drive of Walking led by Yeb Wiersma together with guest master David Helbich. This master class investigates walking as a significant aspect of art practice and as a specific method of research, perception and experience.

Applications are welcome from artists, curators, writers, designers, anthropologists, poets, architects, landscape architects and philosophers, for whom walking falls within the scope of their work or who wish to explore what walking may mean to their work (deadline 1 July).

John Berger wrote: ‘Stories walk, like animals and men. And their steps are not only between narrated events but between each sentence, sometimes each word. Every step is a stride over something not said.’ The Drive of Walking master class aims to make each step eloquent and to chart the unseen.

The master class will examine walking as a part of art practice in pragmatic, artistic and theoretical respects. The hilly landscape of South Limburg and the urban space of Maastricht (as part of the cross-border “Green Metropolis”) form a natural context for physical and mental walks. The questions of how one walks, what conditions or protocols define the walk, the form in which these are presented, what questions the participants in the master class must answer and what must be left to the public, are all relevant topics for The Drive of Walking.

The master class offers its participants options for individual and group walks. An individual walk is in this case an elaboration of the participant’s own walk proposal in relation to the shared exploration of philosophical, cultural, phenomenological, botanical, ecological, spatial etc. questions and experiences. The master class leaders will initiate the walk in all these senses, and, together with the participants, will examine all its possibilities. Equally important is the exchange of experiences and ideas between the participants of the master class as well as the interaction with the participants of the Jan van Eyck Academie.

The public programme will take place on Wednesday 14 September with guests: artists Marcus Coates, Esther Polak, Jan Rothuizen, David Helbich, Yeb Wiersma and curator and writer Rieke Vos. They will elaborate on what walking means to their practice. Marcus Coates will also contribute to the master class on Thursday.

The master class will end on Friday afternoon 16 September with a public presentation and interventions. A publication will form the ultimate conclusion of the master class.

The maximum number of participants for this master class is 15.

All information about The Drive of Walking including the application procedure can be found here:

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