ARISE Permaculture Action Day w/ Musical Guests


ARISE Permaculture Action Day w/ Musical Guests, 4 août 2016 09:00, Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Retreat and Conference Center and ARISE Music Festival unite again in August at Sunrise Ranch Spiritual Retreat and Conference Center to bring permaculture, music, food and family to the land for a pre-festival celebration!

This event is limited to 150 participants – it will fill up fast, and there will be a waitlist so be sure to let us know if something comes up, we will need all 300 hands in dirt!

2.) Check your email for the confirmation, which has an address to contact if something changes and you can’t be present.
3.) Post below on the event page that you’ve registered, and any rideshare needs/offers.
4.) Gather your tools, work gloves, water bottles and blissware (bowl and spoon).

5.) Join performing artists including Wildlight, WE DREAM DAWN, and members of Rising Appalachia along with educators, activists and the local community to continue our work building long-term relationships with the people of ARISE and Sunrise Ranch at this very special place on Thursday, August 4th, 2016..


Sunrise Ranch is home to the most mature Permaculture Forest in Colorado! Check out this video from last year’s Action Day:

**Swale Building**
Swales slow and sink the water – this will involve digging so bring your shovels and work gloves.

**Fence Removal**
Old structures give way to new.. we’ll remove some of the old fencing that divided the land.

**Guilds & Pathways**
Following the natural topography and flow, we will create new plant guilds and establish the walkways between them.

**Natural Construction**
The cob oven built last year is ready for upgrades with natural plaster and we’ll build a roof to protect it.

**Pruning & Harvesting**
Loppers and Trimmers! The forest has food to be picked and limbs to be trimmed, connect with the plants and learn how to tend them by doing it with .us.

Find info below about the musical artists participating in the Action Day in service to our collective work then taking the stage at ARISE:

Wildlight is the space between the notes, the earth’s undulating pulse, the modern echoes of ancient rhythms. It is a sound that will spark your body into motion and swing your soul into flight. An unlikely pairing of a folk songwriter and an electronic music composer has yielded a new sound; music that gracefully traverses human emotions, but can also jumpstart a party into a syncopated bounce.

While vocalist Ayla Nereo delicately crafts songs that climb and tumble through a landscape of crescendos and harmonies, seasoned composer David Sugalski (aka The Polish Ambassador) keeps the beats and bass rooted deep in the subatomic layers of the earth.

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