Amongster / Ancienne Belgique


Amongster / Ancienne Belgique, 13 octobre 2016 20:00, Ancienne Belgique – AB


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Promising Indie-popper puts out a mature debut on V2 Records

The English Van Dale defines the word Amongster as “a person or object that, instead of living separate to their environment, forms a part of it”. Obscure explanation? Then just take a listen to Amongster’s dreamy indie-pop, where each exciting arrangement finds its unique place as a part of an exquisite, melancholy whole with a characteristic, warm mix to top it off!

The mastermind behind this band from Ghent is Thomas Oosterlynck, a young – but mature – recluse who likes to work in isolation on his intimate pop songs. He found a staunch companion there: musical-soulmate and fellow-songsmith Jasper Maekelberg is – aside from producer of the likes of Bazart, Soldier’s Heart & Warhaus (Balthazar’s Maarten Devoldere) and patron of Faces On TV – also a perfectionistic musical-loner.

Amongster’s wonderful singles, ‘Salrow’ and ‘Leo’ made it into A-rotation on Radio 1, 3FM, & Studio Brussel too, and Oosterlynck even scored a hotshot/single of the week with ‘Bright Life’ at the latter. After a successful untitled debut-EP, this name-in-the-making is working hard on a well-developed longplayer via V2 Records. A ticket to the upper echelons of the national music scene has been attained!


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