Wednesday’s film evening at Vorwerkstift: Movies from Venezuela, 30 novembre 2016 19:30-1 décembre 2016 00:30, .

Wednesday’s film evening at Vorwerkstift: Movies from Venezuela

1. Selection of Short Movies:
A nation with countless natural resources, a privileged climate,
fertile land, Caribbean Sea coast, one of the largest world’s reserves of natural resources, dreamlike natural sites and yet is has been living in a deep economical/political crisis. It only heads the lists of countries that are more violent, more insecure, more unstable, more corrupt. Trying to understand for reasons could lead to endless debates, analysis and studies. Neither experts in economics have come up with the reasons for this debacle. So when the reasons do not fall into the art comes by hand.
A new era of Venezuelan authors have developed film pieces that address this dilemma. Each one touches different edges, life in the slums, isolation imposed by violence, economic crisis, political verbiage.
Pieces with personal aesthetic proposals, ranging from performance to documentary. A selection that lasts approximately 35 min. of projection.

2. Feature Film: Postales de Leningrado/Postcards from Leningrad, by Mariana Rondon, 2007, 85 min.

During the armed uprisings of the left of the sixties in
Venezuela, a young guerrilla woman must give birth in clandestinely. To her surprise, her daughter is the first to be born on MOTHER’S DAY and her photos are published in the press. Since then, both have to flee. Narrated with the child’s eye point of view, using different resources to tell the story. The movie is a biopic based on the story of the directors family background.