Top Dog Charity – the unofficial hot dog world championship, 21 août 2017 17:00-21 août 2017 19:00, Israels Plads, 1361 København K, Danmark Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival .


Some of the best chefs from the world are going to compete against each other at Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. Celebrating one of the most iconic Danish street foods – the hot dog – the chefs will create their version of the world’s best hot dog.

They will cook 100 hot dogs each. As a guest you can buy and taste all the participants’ hotdogs and find your own favorite.

You can buy your hot dog vouchers here:

The winning hot dog will be found by professional judges consisting both world famous chefs Rasmus Kofoed (Restaurant Geranium), Anne-Sophie Pic (Maison Pic), Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn), international food journalist Lisa Abend and the Danish food critic at Børsen, Ole Troelsø.

The teams will represent their country. It is suggested, but not obligatory, that the hot dog carries some cultural identity from the ethnicity of the team.

The definition “hot dog” is in this context some kind of bread or similar vehicle, in which a sausage, or other object assembling a sausage, is placed.

Every penny you pay for your hotdogs will be given to CARE Denmark’s charity work.

We will keep you posted with info about the participants etc. on this page.

Looking forward to see you to the best hot dog party of the year 🙂

Before and meanwhile the adults are enjoying several gourmet-hotdogs made by world famous chefs, CARE Danmark is arranging an special hot dog event for the kids. Here you can buy up to 500 creative hot dogs and Cocio Danmark will serve chocolate milk. Price: only 40 kr. for a hotdog and a Cocio.

The kids can choose from all kinds of toppings, so they can challenge both their taste buds and their hot dog knowledge.

The event will take place from 14.30-21.00 at the same spot as Top Dog Charity – Israels Plads in the heart of Copenhagen.