The QUIZ of the YEAR, with Ma Nolan’s Vieux Nice, 1 janvier 2018 20:00-1 janvier 2018 22:30, Ma Nolan’s Irish Pubs, Vieux Nice .

Don’t kill off all your braincells bringing in the New Year, because Ma Nolan’s are brining you a MASSIVE intra-pub QUIZ to celebrate making it through 2017!

We’ll be basing all our questions on events and happenings from the year just passed, and not only will you battle against other teams, but we’ll be pitting PUB AGAINST PUB

Work together with the teams around you to secure extra prizes throughout the night!

First place in each pub will win a €100 bar tab, and the team that places first across all 3 pubs will receive ANOTHER €100 on top of their original prize!

That’ll make for a Happy New Year