Prague The Last Guided Tour of Krištof Kintera: Nervous Trees, 7 décembre 2017 18:00-7 décembre 2017 19:00, Galerie Rudolfinum Galerie Rudolfinum .

Join us for the last guided tour of the exhibition Krištof Kintera: Nervous Trees on Thursday 7 December at 18:00.

Walking through the halls of Rudolfinum, you will get to know Krištof Kintera’s general approach to the art media as well as content of some of the exhibited installations.

KRIŠTOF KINTERA (*1973) ranks among the best-known Czech mixed media artists. The moment of movement, interaction and the social critique contained in his work springs from a fusion of fine arts, performance and stage design. His moving works are popular not just for their mechanical excellence but also their playful spirit and humour. The objects have, for the most part, also a deeper purpose than to entertain. Krištof Kintera’s recent major exhibitions include those at the Prague City Gallery, Municipal Library in Prague (2012), Museum Tinguely, Basel (2014) and Kunsthalle, Rotterdam (2015).