Lille The Akulas and The Reverbly Ones @DIY Café, Lille, 16 décembre 2017 20:00-16 décembre 2017 23:00, Do It Yourself Café The Akulas .

The Akulas (BE)

Think reverb soaked guitar twang.
Think pounding drum beats.
Think cheesy organ sounds.
Think thumping bass vibes.
Shake all of that together – do not stir.
Serve cool.
That’s The Akulas.

Fine instrumentals, originating between the sun blasted shores of California and the dry deserts of Reverbistan. Rooted in Ghent (Belgium) since 2005, The Akulas remain inspired by the sixties sounds of surf music, Hammond craze and European beat and instrumentals.

The Akulas released their record ‘Rustines’ early 2017 on Green Cookie Records! More info

The Reverbly Ones (FR)

Instrumental 60′ surf from Dunquerque Beach!