Berlin Psychometric Meeting: Art Measured by the Soul, 8 décembre 2017 20:00-8 décembre 2017 20:45, Galerie Toolbox Galerie Toolbox .

“The connection between psychometry and auras is based on the theory that the human mind radiates an aura in all directions, and around the entire body which impresses everything within its orbit. All objects, no matter how solid they appear, are porous containing small or even minute holes. These minute crevices in the object’s surface collect minute fragments of the mental aura of the person possessing the object.” (1)

Psychometric Meeting: Art Measured by the Soul is an experimental performance by artists Elina Nissinen and Eero Yrjölä. The performance deals with the problematics of looking at, interpreting and valuing art objects.

For Benjamin Walter, the culture of mass production and entertainment business was, by corrupting the concepts of authenticity and originality, to expel the magic of art. However, as it turned out, art survived modernism by converting the aura of uniqueness into a halo of independent sovereignty. Indeed, even after many mutations, the art world’s white cube still exists today with its pedestals.

We are curious to open the discourse around art interpretations for more exceptional explications. What might an artwork or total exhibition speak through psychometric reading? In this piece, a professional medium, A. Draeger, is invited to Galerie Toolbox. She’ll interpret the auras of the artworks in the current ‘Meeting Point’ exhibition that features sculptures by twelve artists from Finland and Germany.

The word “aura” originates from Latin from Greek as ‘breeze’ or ‘breath’. Aura is a term classically used in philosophy of art, where the history of it traces back to the ritual and religious uses of artifacts and mystical objects. Later on, the aura is thought to signify the elevated status and extraordinary essence of art.

Some people are believed to obtain extrasensory skills and to be able to examine and analyze the auras of living creatures, palpable objects or places. Signifying an electromagnetic energy field emanating from a person or an object, Aura (or aura) is a term also commonly used in spiritual contexts.
“Psychometry” is a term describing the particular practice of reading or sensing the auras of objects. The word was coined from Greek (“psyche, soul and metron, measure”) in 1842 and it literally signifies “soul-measuring”. From the psychometric perspective, a personal object works as a container and vessel of energy that can be traced back to its maker/owner.

The event is open to viewers and will be documented.


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