Phonons Birthday Party, 26 avril 2019-27 avril 2019, .

Le Chapiteau le vendredi 26 avril à 19:00 Phonons Birthday Party ELECTRO Phonons fête ses 8 ans d’activisme au service de la musique électronique. Events podcasts émissions de radio: Nahim et Phil sélectionnent pour Phonons le meilleur de l’underground électronique et remercient tous les passionné(e)s qui suivent la page FB et le Soundcloud . Nous sommes heureux de vous accueillir au Chapiteau pour fêter ensemble cette date importante en invitant Laura BCR pour faire sonner un des meilleurs soundsystem de la ville aux sonorités d’une musique Deep et Profonde. LINE-UP ► Laura BCR (On Board Het Magazijn Berlin) Berlin-based French DJ Laura BCR has been steadily making her mark in the contemporary electronic music scene in recent times with firm feet in the scene via her various endeavours such as her now defunct but highly revered and remembered Bass Cadet Records shop in Berlin where she takes her name from. This stood as an introduction for many to Laura’s impressive sonic palette and helped widen the scope of her network bringing around parties in-stores from many esteemed producers and long lasting relationships with many other DJ’s and artists from the German capital’s bustling club scene. Recent times have seen BCR snap up a residency at Het Magazijn club in The Hague Netherlands as well as further bookings across the globe at hotspots in the Far East like Beton Brut in Seoul and 宀 Club Hong Kong as well as appearances at many other leading nightclubs such as Tresor ://about blank Concrete Razzmatazz and more. Amongst this Laura’s fledgling On Board Music label born out of her agency of the same name has already gained recognition from many influential figures and platforms yet another telling sign of her knowledge and ability to curate and connect the sounds that surround her. ► Nems-B: (Phonons / Oslated) ► SUBREALIST (PHONONS) : Hybrid Set Phil hybrid Live/Dj moniker Le Chapiteau 38 Traverse Notre Dame de Bon Secours 13003 Marseille Marseille Bouches-du-Rhône vendredi 26 avril 2019 5€ Marseille 3e Arrondissement