Pharmakon, Moor Mother, 8 novembre 2017 21:00-9 novembre 2017 00:00, Festsaal Kreuzberg CTM Festival .

Pharmakon – live

Moor Mother – live

Doors: 20:00 // Start: 21:00

Pharmakon and Moor Mother each find their own way to unite audiences through confrontation. Shattering sounds and razor-sharp poetry addressing struggle and loss infuse charismatic activist Moor Mother’s “project housing bop” and “blk girlblues.” Pharmakon’s vocal-chord shredding screams and visceral noise overwhelm with an abrasive intensity equally piercing as it is enveloping. Both artists were highlights of CTM 2017 Festival this past winter and are supporting recent releases: Pharmakon’s droning and strikingly deadly album, Contact (Sacred Bones), and Moor Mother’s The Motionless Present EP commissioned by Vinyl Factory on the occasion of CTM’s 18th edition.