Negociate business contracts in France Creative Valley, 14 février 2017-15 février 2017, .

Negociate business contracts in France How to negotiate business contracts? Main clauses to discuss &amp negociate. Practical case: France vs. US Speaker : Céline Bondard started her own law firm in Paris in 2010, Bondard and Partners, operating with an international clientele having an interest in setting up a part of their business in Europe and in France in particular.As a lawyer with a cross-border experience, Céline advises entrepreneurs, the startup world as well as large corporations on the development of their business, creation of their companies, on their expansion domestically and internationally, as well as on their strategy for managing their intellectual property assets Creative Valley, le mardi 14 février 2017 à 09:00 Creative Valley 11 Rue Carnot, 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre