Minefield, 6 août 2017 20:00-9 août 2017 21:40, Edinburgh International Festival .

How can a soldier deal with memories of war? What memories do they repress – and which do they cherish?

Six Argentine and British veterans from both sides of the 1982 Falklands/Malvinas conflict come together for this remarkable show exploring the treacherous minefield of their memories, through theatre, film and live rock music.

Minefield is an enthralling piece of documentary theatre by Argentinian actor and director Lola Arias – compassionate, cathartic and astonishingly moving. Performed to enormous acclaim in both Britain and Argentina, it takes us from the horrors of the battlefield to today’s uncertainties, with brutal honesty and startling humour.

« Demands to be seen » – The Times

Part of the Edinburgh International Festival and British Council season Spirit of ’47

Contains strong language, nudity, smoke and haze effects, and strobe lighting