LFF // Bleib Modern • Carriegoss, 30 septembre 2020 21:00-1 octobre 2020 00:00, Rennes.

Malgré une annulation en mars dernier pour cause de rhume des foins, Bleib Modern et Carriegoss reviennent pour une grosse date 100% post-punk en septembre.



With seven grand European tours in a brief time span, Bleib Modern swiftly earned their reputation as an extraordinary and determined live band.

Propulsive and coordinated bass guitar & analogue drums are pumping in a dense haunted fog of three sparkling and rhythmic guitars, all communicating with each other on their way to go to mass, gathered by a reverberant cantor. Also, Peter got really beautiful blue eyez. Nice. The band is set apart from its germanophone peers in that its international outlook has been unmistakeable from the start on. In the anglophile Deutschland, the generic Joy Divison comparison and the less generic Josef K. comparison are popular; at home on the road, people tend to hear more of a Neu! heritage.

🌹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpS03-eBvzU


Membre en date de la nouvelle garde post-punk rennaise, Carriegoss (alias Gwladys Orbs) est la combinaison parfaite entre agression pure et coldwave ultra-sensible, à situer quelque part entre la techno sourde de Harsher et la musique froide et mélodique de Replicant. Pas de doute, ça va faire très mal !

🌹 https://carriegoss.bandcamp.com

ENTRÉE LIBRE – 21H00/00H00 🌹🔫