Highlife presents Sun Ritual Nomade, 19 août 2017 00:00-19 août 2017 04:00, Huntleys + Palmers .

Highlife presents:
Sun Ritual Nomade

Pigmalião (Live, Frente Bolivarista, Brazil)
Auntie Flo
Andrew Thomson

£5/7/8 OTD

There are only a few occasions in your musical lifetime where you hear something that is a game changer: music that stops you in your tracks and makes you go ‘What the f**k is this?’. Last summer, Andrew and Auntie Flo were invited to play at Ritual Nomade (http://www.ritualnoma.de/ ) in a forest outside of Cologne, and it proved to be one of these game changing experiences.

Bringing together an international cast of musical nomads with very little promotion, Ritual Nomade plays beautiful, trance inducing music that rarely increases above 100 BPM. We were amazed to witness a packed festival crowd zoning out to this super slow and immersive music at 4am peak time. The festival now travels globally and regularly collaborates with Highlife cohorts such as Multi Culti and Voodoohop collectives. We are excited to welcome one of it’s main protagonists Pigmalião (https://soundcloud.com/piglion) to perform a hybrid live/dj set our 7th annual Sun Ritual party, where we will be aiming to recreate that same special vibe we experienced last year at the festival.

Pigmalião also runs the Frente Bolivarista (https://soundcloud.com/frentebolivarista) label pushing music from the likes of Nicola Cruz, previous Highlife guest Carrot Green, Chancha Via Circuito, current Highlife favourite M.Rux and much more amazing new Latin American music at a slower pace than you’ve heard before.

As usual, we will be installing a brand new Sun-themed light show in the club for your annual Vitamin D fix. Don’t forget your sunglasses!