Hardware Synth Jam Session – Open Call, 29 juillet 2017 20:00-29 juillet 2017 23:00, Krake Festival .

Following the great jam sessions which we had in the last years, we want to invite you to bring your own synth, drum machine, groovebox, sampler or modular system and jam with us in the beautiful wintergarten of Griessmühle opening the last and biggest of Krake Festival 2017.

Because the session is limited to 2 – 2 1/2 hours the spots are strictly limited! Please apply by telling us what machine you like to bring (ONE machine per participant) and sending us a link of your music (Souncloud, YouTube or whatever works for you…)
If you will be chosen by us, you will receive a message with a confirmation.

Please contact andre@killekill.com

Please keep in mind that a session requires respect and especially mindfully listening to your session partners, meaning the jam is not gonna be a chance for you to show your last solo project… 🙂