Giorgio Gigli Live Ambient w/ Clay Wilson B2B Certain Creatures, 5 décembre 2016 16:00-6 décembre 2016 10:00, .

Giorgio Gigli (live) Ambient Set (Zooloft | Electric Deluxe | ITA)
Clay Wilson (The Bunker NY | The Lot Radio | NYC) B2B with
Certain Creatures (Medical Records | The Lot Radio | NYC)
Stress (live) (Sweat Equity | Embalming Lately | NYC)
Alice 828 (live) (Metamorph | NYC)
AJ Clay (Metamorph | NYC)

Visuals by: Lucid Studios (
Artwork by: Sophia De Jong

Join us for our third experimental installment at Bossa Nova Civic Club. This event is FREE. Giorgio Gigli will be playing a rare live ambient set for this event, you definitely won’t want to miss this one.

If you haven’t been to our events, we describe Metamorph as an immersive experience that utilizes music and live visuals to incubate a shift in perception.

Giorgio Gigli

After a deep exploration of several kinds of electronic dance music, in a broad evolutionary path, Giorgio Gigli’s music has assumed an intense and personal form of communication. The modules emerging from his compositions run across a process where moods are transformed into waves, layers and substrates that are ready to catch and overwhelm the listener without changing original content. His skill is to transmit an accurate signal using undiscovered frequencies inspired by desolate and noir tinged landscapes. Giorgio transforms his material. Voids, pitfalls, drones and dilated melodies become intricate, sophisticated, and hypnotic rhythmic equipment that runs the risk of constantly changing classicist techno aesthetics in a conceptual derivation close to his soul. This particular working method is also reflected in his harder sets, where rhythm increases tension while it is moving forward unchallenged through industrial echoes, robotic tricks and building grooves that produce shaped variations of his meaning. All these elements are poured into his project « Zooloft Records », the platform that represent him in a past few years.
Now his techno vision involved into new collaborative projects with Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe and Perc (« Endless » project). Starting from 2011 the collaboration with Electric Deluxe has established an intense relationship ferrying his DJ set in a new dimension where it combines an industrial/dark approach with a solid stream techno club-oriented.

Clay Wilson

Clay Wilson is a 27-year-old Brooklyn-based producer, who began turning heads in 2013 with his mesmerizing debut on Styles Upon Styles. He quickly followed that release with two similarly psychedelic 12”s for The Bunker New York. Since then he has been a regular fixture on Bunker lineups both as a DJ and live act, and has performed in numerous label showcases throughout the US. In February 2016, Clay played a well-received four hour set to open the Bunker Klubnacht at Berghain. Following that gig, he launched a weekly show on The Lot Radio exploring his diverse musical interests and is currently wrapping up his next release for The Bunker New York.

Certain Creatures

Certain Creatures (born Oliver Chapoy) wrestles with the three marks of existence – impermanence, suffering and realisation of the non-self – throughout Vipassanā, his debut album on Styles Upon Styles. Vipassanā, a Buddhist term denoting insight into the true nature of reality, explores Oliver’s relationship between the self and external stimuli, chronicled across eleven episodes of power electronics, techno and darkwave pop. Oliver addresses a spectrum of expression, from ferocity and indifference to love and transcendence, with a narrative strength emanating from over 15 years of writing experience across various genres.


Stress is Daniel Creahan, one of the proprietors of Sweat Equity Music Conglomerate LLC. His project deals in downtempo bass workouts and tense, stark grooves. His first full-length tape is due this winter from Bootleg Tapes.

Alice 828

Joseph Doumet, after cutting his teeth DJing at many parties in Beirut, London and New York, is now making weird sounds as Alice 828, a sonic experimentation project. Joseph mostly uses found sound, tape loops, and layering techniques to create complex moods and abstract spaces.

AJ Clay

A NYC resident AJ Clay has been spreading his deep, techy, progressive sound throughout the city. When it comes to DJ’ing, AJ believes in one thing: the programming of a night. His name is well on the way to standing for a brand that represents a certain mixture of sounds that build and progress as the night carries on. Also, with a deep passion for ambient & down tempo; AJ has been exploring his more experimental roots as of late. For this particular night he will be laying down an ambient & down tempo DJ set for us.