First Edition of the Connection Games, 17 février 2018 10:00-17 février 2018 10:00, Les Connection Games .

Are you a student? Do you live in Lille?
Join the Game, Embrace diversity!

The first international, student and sport event of Lille!

Who? All Lille’s students
When? You will see
Where? Palais Rameau, Lille
How? Registration On Facebook Page, €12

***THE DAY***
One day, four parts:

Welcome at 10am
1) 11a.m. : A paper chase in the whole center of Lille.
2) 1p.m. : Street Art Run organized by Shoot In: selfie championship in arty places!
2p.m. : FREE LUNCH
3) 3p.m. : Sports games in Palais Rameau, inspired by a whole range of different cultural games around the globe.
4) 6p.m. : Prize giving (with free fancy petits fours…) and PARTY HARD FOR FREE in le Network!

-A Weekend in Europe
-Luggage designed by Air France
-Free 6-month courses by EF France

You cannot chose your team! The 400 multicultural players will be mixed in groups of four. At least two foreign students are going to constitute the team. Each member will come from different schools or universities.
13 schools and universities of Lille have aleready joined the Connection Games!

All these activities, food and games for only €12!

It’s an offer you can’t refuse…

– stay tuned –

Registration here: