European Smokeout Tour 2019 // Nantes – France, 27 septembre 2019 19:00-28 septembre 2019 02:00, .

Black Flag Production and Putrid Boar proudly present : European Smokeout Tour 2019 – Nantes (France)

XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffX (RSA – Durban) Slamming GoreGrind : For the first time in France and for their first european tour, the sickest band of South of Africa will be in Nantes ! We are so proud to bring them here and we hope you to make a huge welcome to this guys! This is an insane Slamming Goregrind machine with some experimentals, you want to listen to the new album Gore 2.0 and get crazy as fuck !

Stillbirth (DE – Hagen) Death Metal : One of the sickest band in Germany ! First time in Nantes too ! They pratice a Death Metal mixed with Grindcore and Slam elements and they make huge gigs over the world, please welcome them warmly with the almighty Lukas Swiaczny.

Placenta Powerfist (DE – Hamm, Hagen, Essen) Brutal Death Metal : An other band with Lukas ahah ! But this time more brutal and violent. It will be their first time in Nantes too. Enjoy and don’t miss them 😉

Obsolete Incarnation (DE – Gummersbach) Brutal Technical Death Metal : Intense savagery and aggressive technicality are the way for this guys. An amazing discover for you !

Venue : La Scène Michelet
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