Colloque Woodchem 2019 Faculté des Sciences et Technologies – Campus Aiguillettes, 20 novembre 2019-22 novembre 2019, Villers-lès-Nancy.

Colloque Woodchem 2019
**Au programme : conférences dédiées à la chimie du bois et ses applications industrielles.**

_Woodchem is an international scientific conference dedicated to wood chemistry and its industrial applications_

_Energy and ecological transitions mean seeking out alternatives to fossil fuels and require the development of materials and products with a reduced environmental impact. Plentiful and easily accessible in most countries, wood is a prime raw material for the development of more environmentally-friendly chemicals that are less dependent on fossil fuels. For the forestry and wood industries, this wood chemistry is an opportunity to further optimize their resource or their coproducts through high added-value applications. Today new opportunities are also open to chemical manufacturers who can thus offer greener solutions and real alternatives to petrol-based products. Applications cover a broad spectrum, from housing materials, interiors and transport to personal protective equipment, cosmetology and pharmacology._

**Programme détaillé à venir.
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Edition 2019 du colloque WoodChem du 20 au 22 novembre 2019 à Nancy.
Faculté des Sciences et Technologies – Campus Aiguillettes Faculté des Sciences et Technologies – Campus Aiguillettes – BP 70239 – 54506 VANDOEUVRE LES NANCY CEDEX Villers-lès-Nancy Meurthe-et-Moselle


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