Brutus / Ancienne Belgique, 4 février 2017 20:00-4 février 2017 23:00, .

◊ Brutal, colossal, hard-hitting & inimitable … ‘Burst’!

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Brutal, colossal, hard-hitting & inimitable … ‘Burst’!

Trouble comes in threes – the motto of Leuven’s Brutus. Those troubles are sought by the leaden trio with sinister guitars, tight drums, searing basslines and airy vocals. After totally trashing every venue in Belgium for two years (they have a reinforced-concrete live-reputation), they now finally release their debut album ‘Burst’. An inimitable album with eleven cast-iron songs (a crossing of post-metal, punk, shoegaze and hardcore).

‘Justice De Julia II’, the prime example of a Brutus song: the wonderfully raw voice of singer-drummer Stefanie Mannaerts, with a solid foundation of hard-hitting drums and moody doom-guitars. Brutus sounds brutal, Brutus sounds colossal – so prepare yourself for a big smack in the face!


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