Alaric / Pinkish Black / Buildings, 3 mai 2017 20:00-4 mai 2017 02:00, La Zone .

La Zone & PopKatari present

▲ Alaric (Usa – Neurot Recordings)

Featuring within its ranks current and former members of Dead And Gone, Pins Of Light, Noothgrush, Hedersleben and UK Subs Alaric began their voyage in 2008 with an eye toward creating moody and compelling music unlike any other. ALARIC’s previous releases include a debut single Animal/Shadow Of Life (FYBS/ Buried In Hell Records, 2010), a self-titled LP (20 Buck Spin, 2011) and a split 12” LP, with Atriarch (20 Buck Spin, 2012). They released End Of Mirrors on CD, vinyl, and digital formats via Neurot Recordings, and on cassette via Sentient Ruin Laboratories in May 2016. The record was captured and mixed by Skot Brown at Kempton House Studios and provides an emotional and deeply physical journey viatheir shadowy sounds – beginning with influences from such progenitors as Killing Joke and Christian Death to the darkest, heaviest punk bands and psychedelia.


▲ Pinkish Black (Usa – Relapse Records)

Bottom of the Morning is Texas duo PINKISH BLACK’s third album and Relapse debut. From the gothic, horror-movie-esque organ intro of opener “Brown Rainbow” to the wistful, fuzzed-out conclusion of final track “The Master Is Away,” Bottom of the Morning is simultaneously dark and catchy, dissonant and melodic, smothering audiences with heavy layers of distorted, repressive gloom that still end up as earworms despite their pessimism. It’s like if Mike Patton’s subconscious got into a knife fight with Goblin. Recorded at Echo Lab Studios in Argyle, TX by Matthew Barnhart and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Zombi), Bottom of the Morning stands to see PINKISH BLACK affirm themselves as one of the most interesting and far-thinking duos currently active in the heavy music scene.


▲ Buildings (Usa – Doubleplusgood records)

If you’re looking for something to use as a battering ram then I’d advise you to consider Buildings–not a physical entity, but the Minneapolis-based trio. The members of the band have obviously been hugely influenced by some of the noisier bands that featured on labels like Am Rep and Homestead back in the ’80s and ’90s, but rather than just rehashing an approach that worked so well back then, they’ve injected their music with enough of their own stamp to be able to stand alone as a thunderstorm of noise that it contains both nostalgic and contemporary components.

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