Vespers •• Official Shambhala Decompression Party


Vespers •• Official Shambhala Decompression Party, 12 août 2016 22:00, Bloom Nightclub

Now based on the Sunshine Coast, top class performer Vespers combines futuristic bass-heavy beats with the jazzy, soulful sounds of the tenor saxophone. The organic flavor of the sax combines with hard-hitting, meticulously produced original beats, to stimulate funky mayhem on the dance floor.

He’ll bring this mayhem to Bloom Nightclub on the Friday August 12th, following his set in The Grove – Shambhala Music Festival’s newest stage. Application Audio from Vancouver will also be sticking around to warm things up (and close things down after Vespers) with his original Kaslo DJ partner-in-crime, Fluxo. Doors will open at 10pm, and $10 tickets will be available at The Falls Music Lounge after the festival!

•• Vespers ••

Electronic music producer and internationally acclaimed educator, Vespers, blends the soulful, funky sounds of live saxophone over hard-hitting, West Coast bass music. His organic blend of gangster-funk is infused with futuristic jazz flavors and wobbles of juicy laser bass. His MIDI controller driven real-time psychedelic glitch edits will throw even the most stubborn of dance floors into melting puddles of sexy.

Vespers’ bright music career has seen him play many of the West Coast’s most epic festivals. Actively sharing his knowledge, he’s also taught music production workshops alongside the majority of his gigs. Vespers is an Ableton Live Certified Trainer focused on developing cutting-edge tutorials and online programs for music production. His Youtube channel is one of the most active Ableton Live communities in the world.

Always busy in the studio with original production, remixes and bootlegs, expect to see more Vespers releases on Westwood Recordings & Adapted Records.

•• Application Audio ••

Growing up in a little BC town called Shambhala, Darby was impressioned at an early age to a status quo that as he would find out later was not common to the rest of the country. As the town of Shambhala grew, so did the country’s awakening. Growing up learning that a DJ has to pay to play, Application has earned himself a seat in the foundation of much of western Canada’s underground communities.

Application is the product of 11 years of evolution and change. Turning his equipment into his biological appendage, he effortlessly transports you through genre and tempo, taking his audience on an emotional rollercoaster encompassing the entire human experience. If you are there, expect to hear the perfect song for the moment.. Also, expect to have sex sprinkled on everything you’re wearing.

•• Fluxo ••

Fluxo has opened for other acts such as Jacky Murda, B. Bravo, El-B andOnra – just to name a few. He has been working on music with his close friend, Professor Clarke and is very excited to share some Vibes at Bloom Nightclub, setting the stage for this Shambhala Decompresion Party.

• Doors 10pm
• $10 advance tickets available at The Falls Music Lounge after the festival (by Tues Aug 9)
• $4.50 draft sleeves by Nelson Brewing Company (Bent Pole, Harvest Moon) or highballs, $7.50 doubles until 11:30pm
• Powered by PK Sound
• 19+

•• More on Bloom Nightclub from Thump / Vice ••

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