Radical Networks


Radical Networks, 4 novembre 2016 10:00, 315 Ten Eyck


Join us for three days of speakers, panels, workshops and an art exhibit designed to introduce the community to DIY networking, hosted at the Chemistry Creative event space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Learn how to create your own offline networks, portable web servers, mesh networks or internet gateways in hands on workshops. Attend panels where you can discuss your visions for how a localized network could support your school, your community, or your cause. Listen to speakers talk about the future of computer networks and why it’s important to understand how networks work in this age of hyper-connectivity.

The conference will be organized around the following questions and themes:

• What would you do with your own network?
• Why does it matter to understand how networks work?
• Why do community networks matter?
• How could free, open local networks benefit people?
• What can networks be used for other than social networking and commercial use?

• Community
• Education
• Activism
• Art

• To understand how the technology can be used as a method of control and how to subvert that.
• Teach people how to use networking technology for themselves.
• Encourage creative and social exploration with computer networks.

• Promoting free and open networks built with free and open hardware and software.
• Decentralizing the control of where networks exist and what and whom are served by them.
• Maintaining control of our own content, hardware, and means of deployment.
• Community and free expression first.

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