Permaculture Design Course at Lost Theory 2016


Permaculture Design Course at Lost Theory 2016, 8 août 2016 09:00, Lost Theory Festival

We welcome you to join the 3rd edition of our international Permaculture Design Course. Last summer brought us quite some adventures, we made new friends, found companions for life, got some new crazy sparkling ideas, gathered knowledge and adapted it as much as possible on site. We worked together with clay, straw and compost on our hands, as we planted some ideas that will sprout in the future. This year we decided our location in Croatia needs a rest. Gratefully we look back at the first two editions and at our collaboration with ZMAG, the most inspiring group of eco activists we ever met. We cherish the course as a valuable way of approaching life and we would like to take it with us and implement in any opportunity we get. So here we are in Spain, ready for the same same, but different.

Teachers: Tina Lymberis & Peter Andonyadis

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