Mother’s “sharing is Caring“ Street Party


Mother’s “sharing is Caring“ Street Party, 1 octobre 2016 13:00, Høkerboderne 12-17, 1712 København V, Danmark

Hi Guys,

We would like to invite you to come and join us in celebration of Mother’s sixth birthday THIS SATURDAY the1st of October.
We’ll spoil you all rotten with FREE pizza, FREE wine, lots of live music acts, and free sun for everyone!
– You know all the good stuff that we love!

Program for the day:
@mother wine from 1pm until 5pm: music and wine until you get tipsy enough to reach @mother restaurant in Kødbyen where from 6pm: Daniel Frank (double bass), Frands Rifbjerg (drums), Jacob Dinesen (Saxophone) will play some jazz and after Rasmus Backhaus will lie down some sick tunes at the deck for some extra dancing kick! It will be rad!! (The last sentence was Nick’s idea).

And hey, it’s also a chance for you to try our new seawater pizzas that will flow alongside lots of wine throughout the night, and we are talking hundreds of pizzas and litres of wine!!

Hope to see you for a good time!

Ciao & grazie!


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