MARC MELIÀ / Huis 23 / Free Entrance


MARC MELIÀ / Huis 23 / Free Entrance, 22 novembre 2016 20:00, Huis 23

◊ Marc Melia Sobrevias
◊ Arpeggios, soundscapes & synth-melodies for Blade Runner fans


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Spanish resident of Brussels Marc Melià already earned his stripes as, amongst other things, keyboard player with Lonely Drifter Karen.

On his first solo release, Music For Prophet (2015), he created beatless electronic soundscapes, complex sequenced arpeggios and post-Kraftwerk melodies. All made with his Prophet 08 synthesizer.

Marc Melià tries to make the synthetic natural, to humanise what is robotic. He goes in search of the beauty in sounds that are naturally cold and without emotion.

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