Gelukkig Zijn Sessie: Eten & Drinken / Ancienne Belgique


Gelukkig Zijn Sessie: Eten & Drinken / Ancienne Belgique, 23 novembre 2016 20:00, Huis 23


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Leer al zingend Nederlands! Venez chanter, en néerlandais ! Come sing along, in Dutch!

Do you want to be happy too (‘Gelukkig zijn’)? Throw of the stress of the day? Meet new people?

Everyone in the world who wants to learn Dutch, or enthusiastically sing Flemish classics, is welcome.

You don’t have to be a great singer, pleasure and enthusiasm are good enough reasons to participate. We provide a pianist, a lead singer, the lyrics and something to drink.

‘Food & drinks’ are the focus of this singing session. Because Belgium is mainly known for its tasty food and drinks. Of course, there are many songs about that: to be tasted in ‘Een Kopje Koffie’, the ‘Appelmoesblues’, a bit of ‘Rode Wijn’, ‘Patatten and Saucissen’, in the ‘Rue des Bouchers’ and in ‘Intimiteit’. Oh, and chocolate!

This session of free of charge as long as you reserve your spot.

The ‘Gelukkig Zijn’ sessions are a collaboration between AB and theatre group Fast Forward.

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