Fly Like Aeroplanes


Fly Like Aeroplanes, 25 août 2016 20:00, Empire Control Room & Garage

We are very excited for the return of Fly Like Aeroplanes monthly at Empire! Their latest single, You’re So Easy, will be debuting that night, making it an extra special show. Each member is an accomplished musician who helps create the amazing rock and roll sound.

Jonas Wilson, musician and producer, has been an essential part of the Austin music scene. Wilson has worn all the hats from engineer, producer and multiple-instrument musician.

Expert, John Branch, has performed with Austin favorites such as Golden Dawn Archestra, Grupo Fantasma and Hard Proof. When not performing, he’s helping guarantee the next batch of musicians are well-rounded by providing guitar lessons.

Producer, Adrian Quesada, has worked with talent such as Black Angels and Natalia Clavier whose work has been described as, “Listening is like stepping into an alternate reality — an unhurried place with plenty of time to contemplate love, loss and longtime friends.”

Anthony Farrell flies over the keyboard and has the ability to flex and flow with any sound is incredible.

$5 TIX:

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