Daniel Norgren / Ancienne Belgique


Daniel Norgren / Ancienne Belgique, 30 octobre 2016 20:00, Ancienne Belgique – AB

◊ Daniel Norgren
◊ Blues inspired, sweet & sour Swedish singer-songwriter


◊ NL: http://bit.ly/NorgrenNL
◊ FR: http://bit.ly/NorgrenFR
◊ ENG: http://bit.ly/NorgrenEN


A very beautiful, rather rural Swedish success story!

Let’s just generously pluck from Focus Knack at that recent ABClub, this spring: *****

‘The magic is concealed in the simplicity… Isn’t it strange how a musician can make wonderful albums for years and yet a large part of the world is left in the cold, then suddenly two successive CDs change everything. That is Daniel Norgren’s story. That’s right, his three Belgian concerts are all sold-out. With good reason too, as was apparent in the ABClub.

Every show of Norgren’s that we’ve seen was bathed in an other vibe, but displayed so much inspiration and versatility that our heart missed a beat. His visit to AB was no exception to that rule.

The Swede’s every show bathes in a different vibe, but thus demonstrates his versatility and passion. Norgren is the sort of singer that you believe right from the start, the sort of songwriter that gently moves your heart, and the sort of musician that manages to communicate pretty much every single emotional nuance.’



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