Best Movies You’ve Never Seen: Happy Hour


Best Movies You’ve Never Seen: Happy Hour, 30 août 2016 19:00, Violet Crown Austin

Join us on Tuesday, August 30th as we wrap up our Best Movies You’ve Never Seen series with Happy Hour.

Happy Hour tells the story of Tulley (Anthony LaPaglia), a self-proclaimed ‘drinker with a writing problem’, who struggles to finish his stalled novel while working at a dead end job in a New York City ad agency. Teamed with his best friend and drinking buddy, Levine (Eric Stoltz), Tulley parties away his nights to try to forget the writer’s block that plagues him. In his favorite watering hole one night Tulley meets Natalie (Caroleen Feeney), a strong willed school teacher, and an unlikely affair begins. She matches him drink for drink, wisecrack for wisecrack and quietly challenges him to fulfill his promise just as the toll of too many drunken nights begins to catch up with him. With his life and health at a turning point, Tulley sets out to finish his book before his years of carousing finish him. Alternately hilarious and heart breaking, Happy Hour, is the dramatic and emotional story of a gifted writer and the two people who love him.

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