Ben Miller Band / Ancienne Belgique / Sold out


Ben Miller Band / Ancienne Belgique / Sold out, 19 septembre 2016 20:00, Ancienne Belgique – AB

Ben Miller Band

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ZZ Top top support & uncanny Americana

ZZ Top’s favourite, if not permanent, support-act will now appear in Forest National in June 2016. But in June 2015 they also appeared in a packed ABClub. So it’s only fair that Ben Miller Band returns for its own rousing club concert on Monday 19 September.

We’ll shout ‘Americana’ then, as these Americans passionately and unashamedly mix all sorts of hillbilly, boogie, bluegrass, jug & string band, country, folk & blues ingredients. If need be: with instruments we don’t ever seem to have seen or heard before as they’ve been ‘newly created’.

Billy Gibbons (ZZ TOP): ‘I don’t remember having stood through an opening act’s show in quite some time but I couldn’t seem to leave, they were that engaging.’

Dusty Hill (ZZ TOP): ‘I’m all for anything that ‘ll get things confused. Those boys are unique.’

Frank Beard (ZZ TOP)? No comment?


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