Alison Moore – Death and the Seaside


Alison Moore – Death and the Seaside, 16 octobre 2016 12:00, Bishop’s Palace & Gardens

Alison Moore’s first novel The Lighthouse was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. Her new book is equally ground-breaking. A tense and ‘moreish’ concoction of semiotics, suggestibility and creative writing with genuine psychological depth, Death and the Seaside is an unforgettable read. The novel weaves a story within a story around the two remarkable characters of Bonnie Falls and Sylvia Slythe. With an abandoned degree behind her and heading for her 30th birthday, Bonnie moves out of her parents’ house and into a flat. Sylvia is her extraordinary new landlady. Come and find out why Sylvia is so interested in Bonnie’s writing and why she suggests the two of them share a holiday at the seaside?

‘A gem of a book, bewitching and beguiling. Moore’s writing is beautiful and precise. I loved it.’ – SJ Watson.

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